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Nepal: Home Minister Lamichhane’s MP post was revoked by the Supreme Court’s constitutional bench. The post of Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister also went. Ravi Lamichhane’s statement that the order of the Supreme Court is accepted. The response is that he is now uncivilized.

After the Supreme Court annulled Ravi Lamichhane’s position as a Member of Parliament, a by-election will be held in Chitwan Region No. 2 towards the House of Representatives. The Election Commission said that after receiving the full text of the judgment and formal information from the Supreme Court, it will start the by-election process in consultation with the government.

Selection of Dolprasad Aryal as the Acting Chairman of the National Independent Party, the decision of the party’s emergency meeting held on Friday to implement the Supreme Court’s decision.

The decision of the CPN-Maoist Center, which took the leadership of the government, took the initiative to find a national consensus for the election of the President. Election of National Assembly Vice President on January 23rd.

Latest news of Nepal

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda said that the country’s economy is still worrying. He said that there is a challenge to making the economy viable and dynamic.

After the plane crash of Yeti Airlines in Setikhonch of Pokhara on January 1, the tourism sector of Pokhara slowed down. On the 13th day, lamp lighting along with the Shraddhanjali assembly.

A 6-member investigation committee has been formed by the Ministry of Home Affairs to investigate the issues raised by Prem Prasad Acharya of Ilam, who committed self-immolation. Premprasad who committed self-immolation should be declared an agricultural martyr, demands of the family.

Received foreign investment proposals of 17 billion 30 million rupees from July to December of the current fiscal year 79-80. 13 billion 26 billion less than last year’s half year.

Nepal Oil Corporation has started the construction of vertical tanks under the second phase of the pipeline project to bring petrol through the pipeline in the coming English New Year.

Darbarmarg Development Board warning of phased movement if Kathmandu Metropolitan City does not immediately arrange parking in the Darbarmarg area.

News bulletins of Nepal

Prem Shahi, the commander of the Nepali army, has been detained inside the headquarters of the Nepali army for almost a month. He insisted that the army did not reveal what crime he was imprisoned for.

The Information Commission has reversed the action taken by the Tri-University against the staff who took photos of the answer book being exchanged at the Dhankuta campus. Dhital of Jhapa, who brought Nepali women to Kuwait and sold them for 900 dinars, was arrested in Kathmandu.

Two farmers of Indrawati rural municipality-10 Bhotsipa of Sindhupalchok are becoming self-sufficient by cultivating pomegranates on 40 plants of the land. Cultivators of Gulmi enjoying kiwi cultivation.

The Nepal Cricket Association (CAN) has sent 28 players to the closed training of the national men’s team. Sandeep Lamichhane, accused of rape, did not undergo closed training.

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