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What is there in the Memorandum submitted by All Nepal Women’s Association (Revolutionary) to Sarawal Rural Municipality, The Horizon Times, News of Nepal

Sarawal: A memorandum has been submitted to Sarawal by the All Nepal Women’s Association (Revolutionary) Sarawal Village Committee Nawalparasi in West Nawalparasi. The women have submitted a memorandum led by the coordinator of the committee Sona Chaudhary demanding immediate implementation of the 11-point demand.

In the absence of Sarawal Rural Municipality Chairman Radheshyam Chaudhary, the women handed over a memorandum to Vice Chairman Uttama Rai and demanded immediate implementation of the 11-point demand. In addition, the women submitted a memorandum demanding immediate implementation of the following demands.

  1. Prolonged smoking, alcohol, and gambling around hospitals, health posts, and educational institutions (schools) are prohibited.

2- In order to create adolescent friendly atmosphere up to the secondary level, comfortable rooms, toilets, and sanitary pads should be provided to the adolescents.

3- One staff nurse should be provided in each secondary school within Sarawal Rural Municipality.

4- Create a comfortable environment to get citizenship in the name of the mother.

sarawal memorandum 2
  1. Implement a system of equal rights in the patrimonial property for children.

6- Gender Responsible Budget should be allocated for 10 percent and used for public awareness, training, skill learning, etc.

  1. Sarawal rural municipality should be declared a violence-free municipality.
  2. Provision of the short-term safe house at every local level.
  3. Arrangements must be made for all pregnant women to give birth in the hospital.
  4. Arrangements must be made to provide immediate justice to the women victims of violence through the Judicial Committee.
  5. Arrangement of bank account and free education up to secondary education after birth for daughters.

They had demanded immediate implementation of the 11-point demand.

Mahesh Yadav

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