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Is it wrong to teach the secrets of Holy Scriptures? Myths about Saint Rampal ji Maharaj publications

Kathmandu: There is a contrast spiritual war between Arya Society and Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj from very beginning when the followers go increasing of Maharaj Ji. It has been a decade to solve the secret mystery. It is a serious matter for human mankind.

If we compare from the Satya Yuga to this current Kaliyuga, we discover the hell and heaven difference between the way of worship. Today’s generations are fascinated towards scientific inventions from core, for them science is god. As we know God and Science are two different terms, of course the meaning will be extremely different like day and night.

As per human rights, humans have the right to protect their identity and norms, and values. But there is a serious question, Who invented these norms and values, traditions, caste, religion, customs, and all the religious beliefs? There is a solo answer “Holy Script” of each religion.

We are here after uncountable generations carried with special DNA of religious faith from them. Our forefathers performed, what their ancestors were taught and so do we.

saint rampal ji maharaj
Saint Rampal ji Maharaj

In another hand it will not be wrong to say that we are blind in our customs because we keep following their path which they directed us. We are their messenger in other hand passing their act to our coming generation.

But what will you do if you find you are delivering the wrong message to your coming generations. You will be shocked and regretting your false deed. You regret it because you know about the word Hell and Heaven. What you sow is what you reap.

A well said, “Don’t judge the book by it’s cover” is merely a good quotation for wise and delightful persons.

Seriously we are blind for materialistic assets and in the name of religion. We have never heard Hindu god fighting with Muslim Allah, we have never heard Jesus Christ fighting with Gautam Buddha. If its true then we have to think from core for the sake of humanity. In short we have to figure out what is the ambition of Human soul.

Now let’s jump to our main topic.

Is it wrong to teach the secrets of Holy Scriptures? Myths about Saint Rampal ji Maharaj publications

In the current contest there are several interesting topic for the netizens and religious people about the controversy of Spiritual leader Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj and his publications. It has been decades with this sensual topic but still people have not figure out the real fact. There are massive followers from India of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, from foreign and Nepal as well.

The Horizon Times team has come with secret conclusion with the real fact about the reason of controversy about his publications. As per the other religious leaders Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is spreading false propaganda and misleading the Hindus through his publication. They stated that Maharaj Ji has breached the Hindu norms and values.

We talked with the follower of Nepal, India and other countries. Here it is what we discovered. Let us explode this in a way.

There are several books published by Saint Rampla Ji Maharaj. Among them Gyan Ganga, Way of living (Jeene ki Rah), Geeta Tera Gyan Amrit, Aandh Shraddha Bhakti Khatraye Jaan are those who have capture a special place in people’s heart and making huge noise in the world of internet. We also find that Way of living (Jeene ki Rah) is highly downloaded pdf from official website of Saint Rampla Ji Maharaj.

way of living
Get Free Book “Way of Living”

As per the reports, more than 5 million pdf downloaded within 24 hours from the official website of the Maharaj Ji. Counting is on the way in other hands.

If you want to know why people are loving it. Download this from here.

As we have kept the point, we are like a messenger passing our ancestors beliefs and cultures, what will you do if you find its totally wrong and worthless? It might sound weird. Let us make you clear from the Holy scripts from the publications of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj.

Every religion has their own faith and distinct way of worship. Each religion owns their own Holy books. Do you think you are doing true worship as per your Holy scripts? We are not talking about the particular religion but this question is for all religious people.

jeene ki rah

Its very tough question and Spiritual leader Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj has made this crystal clear about the way of worship. As per Hindu Holy books like, Gita ji, Puranas, Vedas, Muslim holy book, Quran Sherrif, Christians holy book, Bible, Jain holy book, Guru Granth Sahib, Saint Rampal ji Maharaj has flashed out what these pious books are instructing and what we are performing. These holy books have sacred messages which we are not following. We are performing against the scriptures, the proof is well scripted in Maharaj Ji’s above books. Downloads are free.

These holy books have illustrated about real God/Allah. So what is false in publications of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj. Maharaj Ji have made us clear about the true God/Allah. We are now literate we can distinguish true or false from our Holy books.

The Horizon Times have read each book of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj and we came in this conclusion. And we find Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is doing exemplary service for human mankind. As our conversations with the followers, they have achieved unexpected pleasure and happiness, More Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj grantees for salvation which is only motto of human soul.  But one should stick with his principles.

So we request to all the literate generation please don’t rush towards the fake world. You have the proof written. After you get the proof, you will figure out the real facts about the Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj controversy. You will also attain salvation if you take the Name Initiation (Naam upadesh) from Maharaj Ji.

Download the Free PDF book from here as per the language and request you to follow him by taking Naam Upadesh. and to take the name Naam Upadesh go here Naam Upadesh

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