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Marvelous Marriage(Ramaini) in Nagpur, India

Today on 15/10/2020 Thursday, a completely dowry free inter-caste marriage (Ramaini) took place which set a new example of humanity. Nathudas Lilaria, a resident of Nagpur, Maharashtra, India married his daughter Aarti with Likhiram Das, son of Premchand Das Nagpure, a resident of village Borikhurd in district Balaghat in Madhya Pradesh, India.

This marriage is performed by the followers of Saint Rampal  Ji Maharaj. According to the followers; Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is only true master of this entire planet. Reason behind this is he preached his followers to worship the supreme lord Kabir Sahib who is creator of entire universe scripted from holy books.

It’s even true because according to the Vedh Lord Kabir is complete god who is savior and sin eraser.

The next reason of performing such marriage according to Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is “Karma reflects on us” if we perform marriage by receiving dowry in next birth one have to pay.” It’s exemplary deed and very good initiations for all society.

We can see several crime regarding dowry matter even brides are being burnt. To stop such kind of evil activities Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj initiated the exemplary step to lead the society and humanity in right track.

All the followers of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj performs same kind of pious marriage (ramaini) without any expenses. It is said that those who takes name initiations (Upadesh) from him they have very happy and prosperous life and also salvation is guaranteed. Because sins are erased and hence suffering are vanished.

Before taking name upadesh from Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, one should understand the pious knowledge from him reading “Gyan Ganga”. So if you are interested to obtain the knowledge and name initiations, please go to contact option and mention the following details.

Full Name:
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You can also visit youtube channel “Satlok Ashram” and “Soul of Kabir” for more details.
These websites are also available for full excess of knowledge.

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