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Shivaraj Municipality has been conserving hot water sources in Kapilvastu for the past three years, The Horizon Times, News of Nepal

Nepal: As soon as you feel warm in the cold season when you hear the word “Warm”. Who doesn’t need warmth in such a season?. Nepal is the second-largest country in terms of water resources, but ironically, we do not see resources being wasted at the local level. It is found that the places that have been discovered have been protected despite the fact that some of them have been covered up and some of them have been protected.

It is located in the middle of the hill, about 12 km from Chandrauta Bazaar of Kapilvastu. It is located in the middle of the hills. The city has been protecting the Surai Tatopani spring under Shivaraj Municipality-1 for the past few years. Locals say that they have been waiting for the protection of hot water for a long time.

Netra Raj Adhikari informed that the Shivaraj Municipality has been monitoring the project for the last three to four years and has been making a significant contribution to the construction work by allocating a budget for conservation.

Surai tatopani 2

Similarly, Shiva Kumari Tharu, Deputy Chief of Shivaraj Municipality, said that she has been monitoring the hot water source several times and has been demanding its protection. She said that every year in the month of January the Surai Tatopani spring like the well located in Rihar of Dang can be constructed, it can be made a tourist destination. She also expressed the belief that making Picnic Spot with a fountain would be a more beautiful place.

She said that steps have been taken to make the trade and other activities of the region effective if it could be developed as a tourist destination. Stating that the tourists visiting the Tatopani spring will also visit the Shivgadhi temple, Tharu expressed her commitment to take initiative in the concerned bodies including the city to develop it as a very important place.

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Similarly, Ward Chairman of Shivraj Municipality Ward No. 1 Jagat GC said that it was necessary to protect the hot water source. He informed that a team from Kathmandu has been monitoring the geology and minerals in the last one and a half years. The monitoring team said that the water was taken to Kathmandu for testing, adding that there was a lack of publicity for it.

According to Ward Chairman GC, the team said that there is an element called sulfur in the hot water, which removes the skin rag from the body. Ward Chairman GC, however, said that the monitoring team has informed him that there are elements of gold mining in Surai Tatopani. GC said that even though the ward had allocated funds last year to conserve the hot water source, due to Covid-19 the works could not be completed.

Gir Bahadur Singh Thakuri, chairman of the Consumers Committee of Suraikhaola Hot Water Source Conservation Program, said that Nrs. 800,000 has been allocated from the town in the current fiscal year. He said that the construction work of the pipeline, bathing pool, net, and signboard around the stream has already been completed and the construction work is planned to be completed by mid-June.

Surai tatopani

The municipality has stated that it has plans to develop it as a tourist destination by constructing a truss bridge, picnic spot, and parking lot as it is difficult to reach the source during the rainy season. In the fiscal year, the conservation committee has stated that out of the NRs. 800,000 allocated from 2077/78. The municipal administration has stated that NRs. 800,000 has been allocated by the municipality for the development of springs in the current fiscal year.

Ram Abatar Chaudhary

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