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In Kapilvastu, Nepal Bahadurganj Eye Hospital Distributed More Than Two Lakh Health Items

Chandrauta, Kapilvastu: More than two lakh health items have been distributed by Chhand (Kalebabu) Narayani Eye Hospital run under Nepal Eye Jyoti Sangh Eye Health Program Rapti and Bahadurganj.

According to the hospital, health items worth NRs. 225,435 have been distributed to local bodies in Kapilvastu district of Nepal with the financial support of the Norwegian Association for the Blind.

Jasraj Bishwakarma, administrative officer at the Narayani Eye Hospital in Kapilvastu, said that health materials have been handed over to 10 local bodies in the district with the objective of helping the government of Nepal to prevent the spread of the second variant of Coronavirus at the community level.

Although the locals were able to procure the health supplies themselves, the health supplies were distributed with the aim of providing some relief to the Government of Nepal during the outbreak of the coronavirus (Covid-19), said Vishwakarma, an administrative officer. Earlier, health items including surgical masks and sanitizers were distributed to four villages in Kapilvastu district.

BUddhabhumi Hopsital Kapilvastu Nepal

In the second phase, similar health items were distributed to six municipalities in the district, he said.

Four packs of surgical masks and 10 liters of sanitizer have been distributed to each municipality including Banganga, Buddhabhumi and Kapilvastu municipalities of the district. Health Coordinator of Kapilvastu Municipality Umesh Chandra Gupta received 4,000 surgical masks and 10 liters of sanitizer.

Convener Gupta also thanked the donor body N.A.B.P Norway and the families of Chhand (Kalebabu) Narayani Eye Hospital, Bahadurganj Hospital for spontaneously providing such health items to Kapilvastu Municipality during the outbreak of Coronavirus.

Similarly, Mangal Prasad Tharu, Chief of Banganga Municipality, expressed his gratitude to the donor body and the hospital for their support in the fight against the coronavirus. Mayor Tharu and Khagraj Poudel, the health coordinator of the municipality, jointly accepted the offer.

Banganga Hospital Kapilvastu Nepal

Administrative Officer of Chhand (Kalebabu) Narayani Eye Hospital Jasraj Bishwakarma handed over health items to Mayor Keshab Kumar Shrestha. While receiving the health supplies, Mayor Shrestha expressed his gratitude to both the hospital and the donor body.

Chief Administrative Officer of the Municipality Anil Poudel and Health Coordinator Khubiram Khanal were also present on the occasion, said Hospital Officer Bishwakarma.

While distributing health items, the basic health care hospital run by Shivraj Municipality received 6,000 units of surgical masks, 15 liters of sanitizer and 10 units of PPE kits. The set was handed over to the eye hospital.

The health materials have been handed over to Chudamani Bhattarai, Health Coordinator of Shivraj Municipality and Dr. Mahesh Gupta, a doctor at Abharbhut Health Hospital.

Nagar Hopsital Kapilvastu Nepal

Similarly, 4,000 surgical masks and 10 liters of sanitizer have been handed over to Krishnanagar Municipality where Chhand (Kalebabu) Narayani Eye Hospital is located.

The health items have been handed over to Shankar Bhattarai, the health coordinator of the municipality.

Similarly, 2,000 surgical masks, 5 liters of sanitizer and 10 PPE sets have been handed over to Shivraj Hospital near Bahadurganj Eye Hospital.

The administrative Officer at the Eye Hospital, Jasraj Bishwakarma, said that the medical supplies were handed over to Dr. Mukesh Chaudhary, Office Chief of Shivraj Hospital.

Kapilvastu Municipality Nepal

According to the hospital administration, the donor body Norwegian Association for the Blind, Norway has provided financial assistance to distribute health items including surgical masks, sanitizers and PPE sets to 10 local bodies including 6 municipalities and 4 rural municipalities of the district.

Bishwakarma, administrative officer at Narayani Eye Hospital, said that the Rapti Eye Hospital and Lamahi Eye Hospital in Dang have also handed over similar health items to the local bodies with the help of donor bodies Norway.

The program, led by Bishwakarma, was attended by Opendra Chand, OPD in-charge, Kamal Chaudhary and Madhu Khadka.

Ram Abatar Chaudhary

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