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O ! America ! the phenomenal puissant !

O ! America ! the phenomenal puissant !

O ! America! the nation of the extraordinary dreamers!
O !the nation of the money builders!
U are extravagant!
The land of elegant!
The land of power..
I wish you may have as u have conviction as it is.
But I would like ask to the greatest nation!
In Mars there would be the glimmer city of black or white?

You taught the world ‘ liberty’
you taught the earth ‘abundant ‘
U made the USA comfort
You gave thousands of job to the people

A human from the Land of Highest summit
mention a trembling voice
Why you are exchanging thousands job with global warming?
A millions of people
Losing the fresh air
.I know you have large eyes
Do u see mortifying mischance ?
Job equz to industry equz to disaster…

O !great nation ! O! great dreamers!
Here I have a greatest compact
A Gurkhe’s deal
Appeal the world to follow you…
Simplicity to complexity?
or complexity to simplicity ?

The puissant made world discombobulated.
A man from the third world wants to know
kissing ,Namaste and hugging is freedom or culture?
wearing bikini or Hijaab and Dhaka topi is diversity or custom?

O! Noble!
O! Gentle man ! I love tie ,white shirt and jeans
Specially the brown hat ..
I apologize for these !
O! America!
but in your dream ….
I can see, alike dust in the sky..

I do pray with Lord not to born in Muslim in my future life ,
Coz. my father has announced them the so called ‘terrorist ‘
A child always wants to be great…
rather father knows reality until he is alive.

Author: Madan Subedi
Students’ Leader ANNISU ,Nawalparasi, Nepal

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