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Statistics of child laborers working in brick industry

Kapilvastu, Nepal: An orientation program on data collection and counseling for child laborers has been completed.

It is stated that the Dalit Human Rights Monitoring Committee Kapilvastu will collect the data of child laborers in a program organized in Shivraj Municipality-5, Chandrauta on Monday.

In the first phase, data of child laborers working in 47 brick factories in three local levels of Kapilvastu will be collected, said Mina Pariyar, chairperson of the Dalit Human Rights Monitoring Committee.

As the condition of the children working in the brick industry is deplorable, the enumerators will fill the form on the condition of the children working in the brick industry, said Chairperson Pariyar.

The datas of 11 in Shivraj Municipality, 19 in Maharajganj Municipality and 17 in Buddhabhumi Municipality are being prepared with altogether 47 brick industries.

To collect the data, 24 people have been selected and given orientation training to fill the form. After collecting the data in support of the World Education and Freedom Campaign, the school age group children will be assisted in reading, said Chairperson Pariyar.

She also stated, many children work in the brick industry to help their parents and they are deprived of education.

Ankita Thapa, program coordinator of the Freedom Campaign, said that the enumerators would get information about the age of the children, reasons for working, wages and family status.


Once these datas are collected, the real data will come. Then we will ask for cooperation with the union and the government.

Ram Abatar Chaudhary

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