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Stunning farewell program conducted at legendary Bright Star English Boarding Secondary School of Bhairahawa, Nepal, The Horizon Times

Bhairahawa: A delight farewell program was coordinated at Bright Star English Boarding Secondary School, Bhairahawa, Rupandehi, Nepal. As per the sources, this boarding school has a brand potential to construct the student’s career. It’s proving such functions since last decades. The Managing Director Amit Yadav with a charming personality has been crafting the school atmosphere to bring the school to the top of the province.

His potential and functions are mind-blowing who is leading the entire organization in convenient ways. Yadav’s skills are immeasurable. 

More, Bright Star is one of the best educational hubs in the lap of the birthplace of Lord Buddha, Siddhartha Nagar Bhairahawa, Rupandehi, Nepal. Now, more than 900 students are getting benefited where there is a homely environment and novelty flavors for both students and guardians.

Respectively L.B Rautar holding the position of Principal is another vital source of exposure. Rautar’s contribution to the school is priceless as the result is in the front of the school. Several appealing features are brought into the school’s program to edge the student’s future. Thousands of students are not only studying there but enjoying as the school’s atmosphere is like a natural phenomenon.

Similarly, Rahul Yadav is considered as a backbone of the Bright Star as he is holding the next vital position of Vice-Principal. His coordination and contributions are jaw-dropping with a high volume of enthusiasm.

In such a great atmosphere the students of grade nine have served a warm farewell party to their respected seniors with the perfect arrangement. The potent speech was delivered by the Managing Director Amit Yadav, Principal L.B Rautar, and Vice-Principal Rahul Yadav. Similarly, other staff also donated their hands to construct the great program.

The program started with the welcome speech of Neha Yadav one of the talented, prudent, and brilliant Junior student of grade nine, and launched effectively.


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