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Artist of Rising Art: Menika Chaudhary, Nepal

On this earth, there are innumerable accomplishments sparkling like a gem in their own destination. Since they are christened with majestic abilities, they shine through their secret talents. All should respect their strengths and honor them and extend the world to their inner abilities.

Although this world has massive faces, we are going to announce one of the rising faces with wonderful talent today. It deserves to be applied to this world. Her talents are invincible, and we bet you would be drawn to her incredible strengths.

The consequence is devotion and passions with commitment and therefore such individuals are like a pulsar where we are forced to craft the words of hive. Although the word is going to be less, we’re making a tour.

Let ‘s take the coffee and launch another travel and scatter the earth.

Her glorified name is Menika Chaudhary and rising artist as well. She dwelt from Nepal.

In the joint family with the two siblings, she is educated in the middle income. In a decent household, she was nurtured. The behaviors were non-identical from childhood, which later emerged with startling spasms.

Her father split for the sake of service from childhood in order to manage the household. Greetings to those who have uplifted their families and children like this. Another indication of her mother is the dedication of becoming a housewife raising the children in the style of manner.

Let ‘s dig into the criteria of education

The Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management (NATHM) is the shrine of education that allows her to complete her bachelor’s degree. Another location where she obtained the bachelor’s honor ship is Travel and Tourism Management (BTTM). Menika has held a dual bachelor’s honor. Adoration contributes to attaining certain qualifications and curiosity has also played a crucial role.

There are countless with optimistic individuals and these are uniquely crafted by fate.

Let us insert her super interesting flavors here

Another main interest is travelling and having adventures, along with playing with the camera shutters and baking delicious food stuffs. Designing the home decor with exotic arts ad styles is another thrilling captivation, although it is a compact type of art and crafts graced to her. 

Hey! Hey! Now let’s go to the coast and get stuck here with some hobbies.

The splendid passions are giving birth to several portraits, solo research and growth, assisting with tempting food products and exploring the world.

The crafts which are born from her

Menika introduced the art of the Dot Mandala, one of the most prominent contemporary Western art. She reached the conclusion after the discovery to bring the Dot Mandala Art to her indigenous nation of Nepal because she did not find such excellent arts in her land. Another great art that she is composed of is stone painting / stone dot art. The influential devotional capacities have therefore sprouted incredible arts.

She personalized the arts, such as flowers, birds, football club logos and also as per the specifications, according to customers ’ satisfaction. Customers are served with separate service until today.

Paper Quilling is the toughest art that the experience describes. Quilling Art is multi-faceted, but only Paper Quilling Art is in love with her. It is convenient modify these arts and there is a queue of applicants for these kinds of services.

Let’s switch now to reverie

Being in the zone of tourism sector, her reverie is working in the Aviation industry to utilize the skills and to convert virtual concept to real. To engage self in the airport is burning desire because she finds herself pleasant. The airport environment created a significant vibe for her. Though Menika is aware of stress and risk in such place, she is ready to combat with the situations. This also means enthusiastic and courageous blood.

Generating painting, art and crafts are kept in the top priority in the list of reverie. She is in track of giving polish and life to the arts to spread in the different corners of the country and to provide a new shelter as well.

The home seems silent and faded without the art and décor so she is determined to cultivate the home with the skill arts. These stuffs create a positive vibe and energy with the great enthusiasm so she is devoted for these services.

Bunch of words why she dragged in this profession

Since from childhood, she is feed with un-identified activities. The symptoms of creating art were from childhood which later germinated into profession. From the school days she has been an achiever because she was awarded in many National and International Art strife.

Later the personal work load and studies work load was barrier to give continuity in such passion but the carnage of Covid-19 played as a boon for her. The leisure time and lockdown graced her specially. She utilized this golden time and created many fascinating arts which open the eye wide.  

Menika is doing excellent job over social media and she also owns an official account in Instagram.

@ _._merohastakala is the official Instagram account where you can swim in her arts and message personally to be next satisfied customer. Please don’t forget to hit in follow button as well.

She has earned huge appreciations over social media hopes next is you to spread her in this planet.

Yathartha Chaudhary

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  1. Menika Chaudhary Menika Chaudhary October 30, 2020

    Thanking you is so less for you. I’m literally overwhelmed and literally speechless. Thank you for motivating, encouraging in this way. Thank you for incredible words and thank you for everything 😊❤️

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