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More than 300 people, including candidates for the state assembly, have joined the CPN in Kanchan, Nepal

Kanchan, Nepal: In Kanchan Rural Municipality of Rupandehi-Nepal more than 300 people have left various parties and joined the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN). The youths, including the candidates for the province assembly seats, joined the CPN in the ceremony on Thursday.

Supporters and members of various parties were welcomed into the CPN by CPN central member and Rupendehi in-charge and province government minister Lila Giri, CPN youth leader and chief advisor of the province assembly Bhumishwar Dhakal. They stated that the three levels of government are focused on realizing the resolve of prosperous Nepal and happy people; he said that the party would work for coordination at the grassroots level.

According to Bharatmani Sapkota, chairperson of the CPN-Kanchan Village Committee, 300 people from different wards of Kanchan rural municipality and neighboring Gaindhawa rural municipality, including popular youth Durga Rajkoti, have joined the CPN. Durga Raskoti were Kanchan’s youth leader, social worker, from the Janamukti Party and candidate of previous province assembly election in Rupendehi constituency no. 5 (1).

Durga Raskoti, a newcomer to the CPN said that he was attracted to the CPN due to the government’s vision and interest in the development of leaders and cadres at the grassroots level. He said that Siddhartha inhabitants had joined the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) under his leadership saying that there would be no development with only ideas and principles.

He also said, only the development of the village would lead to the development of the entire country, the three levels of government led by the CPN are particularly sensitive in the development.

Addressing the party entry program, Lila Giri, central member of the party and Minister for Industry, Tourism, Forest and Environment of the Lumbini province government, said that the government has moved ahead by selecting long-term plans with the determination of prosperous and happy people at all three levels. He also urged the government to continuously monitor and coordinate the work put forward by the people.

He added that the popularity of the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) and the people-oriented work had created a lot of propaganda among the people but no one should be distracted from it. He claimed that the people’s trust in the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) is increasing in the villages and the wave of joining the CPN is encouraging. Minister Giri also said that the current CPN government is working for the benefit of the people.

He said that the work that was not done in the last 10 years has been completed in less than three years and the development work that will take 20 years will be done in the next five years. He lamented that despite the formation of a majority government CPN, the old rules and regulations did not allow the CPN to function as planned.

Stating that the problem of unsettled settlers has been a problem for years, the Land Management Problem Resolution Commission has started working from Rupendehi’s Kanchan as per the party’s directive and plan, said Minister Giri.

Bhumishwar Dhakal, chief advisor of the CPN in the Lumbini Province Assembly and a youth leader and Member of Parliament (MP), said that they are focusing on planned work for prosperity and happiness. He said that a scientific study is being carried out to distribute land ownership certificates across the country, including Kanchan residents who have been living for years.

Stating that they have started planned work in the areas of road construction, electrification and its upgrading, irrigation, drinking water, environment protection, commercialization of agriculture and marketing through cooperatives, Dhakal said that the CPN government is focused on the welfare of the people at all three levels.

The local, state and federal governments led by the CPN are doing it; MP Dhakal said that the CPN will now lead every development.

Similarly, Lumbini Province Committee member Babulal Yadav said that any party other than the bourgeoisie led by the kings and emperors are spreading unnecessary rumors against the CPN. The wave of those joining the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) is spreading; Yadav said that the party which is of the poor, workers and backward classes is the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN).

In the program chaired by Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) Kanchan Village Committee Chairperson Bharatmani Sapkota, Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) Gaidhawa Chairperson Durga Prasad Acharya, Kanchan Village Chairperson and CPN leader Gokarna Bahadur Chhetri and others discussed about the activities undertaken by the party-led government. They said they were focused towards the nation building.

Three hundred people from Kanchan and Gaidhawa had joined the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) at a public meeting held at an open field in Asnaiya, Kanchan. Sandeep Gupta welcomed the participants in the program organized by a member of the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) and Kanchan village committee woman leader Hima Belbase.

Naresh Chaudhary

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