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Committee formed for proper protection and promotion of Tharu Museum, Tharu News

Kapilvastu, Nepal: The Tharus of Shivraj have taken the lead to protect the ethnic identity of the Tharus. As the dress and culture of the Tharu caste is disappearing, the Tharu leaders have moved forward in an organized manner.

A Tharu Museum is being constructed at Umri Danda, Shivraj Municipality-1, a religious and tourist site to preserve the Tharu culture and preserve ethnic identity. The Tharu Museum Conservation Committee has been formed to provide additional support for the proper maintenance, protection, and promotion of the museum itself.

A 13-member museum protection committee has been formed under the chairmanship of Tharu KalyanKarini Sabha Shivraj’s secretary Prakash Tharu. Hari Prasad Chaudhary has been unanimously elected as the vice-chairman, Ram Naresh Chaudhary as the secretary, Resham Tharu as the treasurer and Suresh Chaudhary as the joint secretary of the committee.

Similarly, Sajjan Tharu, Sarita Tharu, Surendra Prasad Chaudhary, Madhav Raj Tharu, Shiva Prasad Tharu, Deepa Chaudhary, Ramkali Tharu and Hari Prasad Tharu have been selected as members of the newly formed committee.

For the proper development, protection and promotion of the Tharu Museum, the meeting has selected Shivraj Municipality, Tharu Welfare Association Shivraj Nagar Committee , Tharu Journalists Association Nepal Branch Kapilvastu, Chandrauta Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Kapilvastu Trade Association as patrons.

Shiv Kumari Tharu, Deputy Chief of Shivraj Municipality, Ward no. 1 Ward President Jagat Bahadur Gharti Chhetri, Ward no. 2 Ward Chairman Ram Bahadur Chaudhary has been appointed as advisor including Ram Bahadur Chaudhary, Sitaram Chaudhary, Amrit Bhusal, Pushparaj Adhikari and Laxman Tharu.

Sumitra Tharu, the central member of Tharu Kalyankarini Sabha, expressed the view that the museum constructed at Shivraj’s Umri Danda is the jewel of the entire Tharu people  and Shivraj Municipality. She expressed the belief that the Tharu Museum would play an important role in preserving the dress, culture and ethnic identity of the Tharu people. For this, Tharu leaders should take the lead in the proper protection and promotion of the museum.

Tharu Kalyankarini Sabha District Chairman Uma Shankar Chaudhary and District Secretary Jagat Dev Tharu also argued that all Tharus should take the lead in making the Tharu Museum the center of attraction for all.

Shivraj Municipality Ward No. 2 Chairman Ram Bahadur Chaudhary, wished the newly formed committee members for a successful tenure and expressed confidence that the Tharu Museum would play an important role in enhancing the identity of the region.

Meanwhile, Mahadev Pokhrel, President of Kapilvastu Trade Association, congratulated all the newly formed Museum Preservation Committee and said that he will play an important role in the establishment of Tharu Museum in this place. He also expressed his commitment to help as much as possible for the proper protection, promotion and beautification of the Tharu Museum.

In the same context, he requested all to donate blood as the blood donation program was organized by the trade association Kapilvastu on Monday, December 28th .

In the program, Ward no. 3 Shyamlal Tharu, a ward member, Pushparaj Adhikari, chairman of Gyanjyoti Fundamental School and others has expressed their views. On the occasion, Indra Bahadur Tharu, Chairman of Tharu Kalyankarini Sabha Shivaraj Nagar Samiti, thanked all those present and expressed his commitment to work hand in hand for the protection and promotion of the Tharu Museum.

Also, Tharu KalyanKarini Area Vice President Suman Tharu highlighted the purpose and justification of the program.

Ram Abatar Chaudhary

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