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Daily life will change after road construction: Chief Minister Pokharel

Kapilvastu, Nepal: Lumbini Chief Minister Shankar Pokharel has said that the road construction will bring prosperity to the development of Madhes. Addressing the inauguration ceremony of Krishnanagar RTO Road organized by Vijayanagar Rural Municipality of the district on Thursday.

Inaugurating the RTO road of Kapilvastu, Minister Pokharel said that the postal road is an important task of the province government and after the construction of this road, the daily life of the citizens will move on smooth.

He said that the RTO road, which has been neglected for 50 years, has taken a leap forward in the journey of prosperity with the construction of the current government. Chief Minister Pokharel said that the condition of Krishnanagar customs, which is connected to the permanent capital of the province, is deplorable and will change now.

Pokharel also informed that Krishnanagar will be developed as the main checkpoint as he also visited the customs office on Thursday morning.

He also said that the work of Naumure Irrigation Project has been started for the irrigation facility in the entire Kapilvastu along with Vijayanagar, which will solve the irrigation problem of the district.

Daily life will change after road construction
Daily life will change after road construction: Kapilvastum Nepal

He also said that the current government would give red card to the people of Bijaynagar, which has a majority of squatters. Pokharel, who is also a CPN leader, said that Prime Minister K.P Oli, who was not only jailed for 14 years but also imprisoned, should not be insulted as anti-democratic.

He said that during the Oli government, the nation is the best in South Asia in terms of social welfare.

He asserted that his government had succeeded in making the people flee and arrest the head of the authority. Minister Pokharel said that the Oli government has surpassed seven countries economically compared to the past.

kp oli
Daily life will change after road construction

He said that the Prime Minister had decided to go among the people after seeing the crisis in the country.

Pokharel said that those who are protesting against Oli now will pay homage to him by placing photos in a special place of the house after five years. Minister Pokharel also gave hominy suggestions to the leaders of the Prachanda Madhav group protesting in the streets for voting.

Similarly, Minister for Physical Infrastructure Development Baijnath Chaudhary said that the province government had completed the work by allocating the largest budget RTO road in the first year. He said that the province government has started a plan to create an environment for irrigation by constructing three reservoirs in the western part of the district.

Daily life will change after road construction

Stating that the work of lift irrigation in rivers has progressed rapidly, Minister Chaudhary informed that construction of 54 bridges in the first year, 33 in the second year and now DPR work of 273 bridges has started.

Speaking on the occasion, Bijaynagar Rural Municipality Chairman Gopal Bahadur Thapa said that the construction of RTO road has made it easier for the locals to connect with the highway. He urged the province government to pay attention as the road network is lagging behind in the villages in terms of irrigation, roads and health education.

He also handed over a memorandum to Chief Minister Pokharel on the problems of the village. Chairman Thapa also thanked the construction company for completing the road construction work on time.

Ram Abatar Chaudhary

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