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Maghi Festival to be held in spite of Covid-19 in Kapilvastu, Nepal

Kapilvastu, Nepal: The Banganga Municipal Maghi Festival will be held this year with the objective of preserving and promoting the culture of the Tharu community like in the past year.

Bhagu Prasad Tharu, Chairman of Tharu Welfare Banganga Nagar, said that they are going to celebrate the New Year and Maghi festival of the Tharu community at Hathusa on the 14th, 15th and 16th of January.

Chairman Tharu said that the great festival of the successful Tharu community, Maghi, should be continued to create a separate identity in the Nepali society. Similarly, a 101-member organizing committee has been formed under the chairmanship of Tharu Kalyankari Banganga Nagar in Hathausa on Saturday to conclude the city-level Maghi Festival in a grand manner.

Similarly, 12 different sub-committees have also been formed to establish in proper manner.

Numlal Tharu is the coordinator of the financial management committee, Rishi Ram Tharu coordinator of the Maghi culture management committee, Bhikhu Tharu coordinator of the forum management committee, Ram Shankar Tharu coordinator of the guest management committee, Dinesh Tharu coordinator of the volunteer and security management committee and Santram Tharu coordinator of the publicity management committee, Shyam C.T. coordinator of media management committee, Bhaggu Prasad Tharu coordinator of the secretariat management committee, Mahadev Tharu coordinator of the advisory management committee and Shree Ram Tharu as the coordinator of the kitchen management committee are being appointed.

The festival will feature an exhibition of various materials reflecting the language, art and culture of the Tharu caste and Tharu food items as well. Various dances and shrill of Tharu caste will also be exhibited in the festival.

Rishi Ram Tharu, coordinator of the cultural committee, said that Jhumra, Jharra, Lathi dance, Peacock dance, Sajani Birhani and record dance competitions will be held during the festival to make the festival more entertaining.

Similarly, on the occasion of Maghi festival this year, there will be a blood donation on January 15th and an awareness drama on drug abuse among the youth on January 16th, said Bhaggu Tharu, chairman of the organizing body.

In order to make the Maghi Festival a success, the Banganga Municipality has donated Rs. 300,000, Banganga Ward No. 3, Ward No. 5, Ward No. 6, Ward No. 8 and Ward No. 9 has donated 50 thousand each and Ward No. 4 donated Nrs. 75,000. The estimated donation received is Nrs. 6, 25,000.

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