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Tharu music video Paradeshiya Sajna released, Tharu News

Kathmandu, Nepal: The music video of the song “Pardeshiya Sajna” in the excellent voice of Tharu language has been made public on Thursday. The music video, which is adorned with the melodious voices of Khem Chaudhary and Samiksha Chaudhary, who have made the art world of the Tharu community very popular, has been made public on RKC YouTube channel, said singer Chaudhary.

Shyam Chaudhary has portrayed the feeling of love of a foreigner and the waiting of his girlfriend through his words and music.

 Paradeshiya Sajna tharu music video
Tharu music video Paradeshiya Sajna released, Kathmandun Nepal

After the immense success of the song “Man lagena Ab Bin Tohar”, it can be seen in the video with successful actor Naresh Chaudhary and the debut actress Sabina Mahato who have a captivating performance.

According to the artist, Naresh Chaudhary is a skilled engineer and also a social worker while Sabina Mahato is a medical nurse.

Suraj Dev Kusumya has written, choreographed and directed the music video. Ganesh Chaudhary, who has played a major role in the Tharu music industry, has arranged the song “Pardeshiya Sajna”.

In the video, the love of childhood is presented and getting married after various ascents and descents. Ramu Chaudhary captured it on camera and edited it skillfully.

The producer of the music video of the song “Pardesiya Sajna” made in Tharu language has claimed that it will prove to be a milestone in the Tharu music industry by including it in the list of forever songs to all the time.

Pardeshiya Sajna Tharu Music Video

Singer Chaudhary of the same music video said that the field of Tharu artistry has been making great strides in recent times. This song is highly discussed on various social networks.

Ram Abatar Chaudhary

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